Wonderful Runescape 3

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 539

Looking back on Runescape as it was 10 years ago, I guess I can take out three factors contributing to its success: the first one, its convenient place in an Internet Explorer window when several big downloads were somewhat daunting. Another, its accessibility to teens with plenty of free time but no credit card. And the third, a comparatively large subscription fee once those teens did broach the subject along with parents.
Jagex report that 400,000 players have joined the game since Runescape 3.0 arrived at the tail end of July. Of those, a quarter are reactivating accounts - former teenagers returning to familiar haunts and finding they rather like the new paint job.

In this bizarro new world where MMO developers seem to vault over those old barriers before breakfast and invent a new currency by lunch, Runescape’s place isn’t quite so well-defined. But the launch of its third iteration has seen it pick up players old and new just the same.
600,000 hours of Runescape are being played each day between them and the existing player base.That is an astonishing number. I only have about 24 in my days which is like a hard drive, and much of that space is taken up by things that I didn’t anticipate in .

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