to earn Runescape Gold in Game with Silk

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 463

To buy silk is a great way of making money in AL-Kharid for RuneScape 3 gold,if you are a member. then you just go to Argdouer where all the stalls are. At the same time remember that if you talk to the silk trader who will say what price you desire and where you expecting per silk.

You can tell him for 120gp 2007 RuneScape gold. He will say that it is too expensive to buy them. So you can tell him you are a generous person and give him a suitable price that is 50gp per silk. Then he will accept your offer and buy all your silk at once. Then at this moment , you need not have to do the whole thing again.
If you have been a member at level 15 stealing skill. You can go to get much silk as you want to steal, beg or buy. Then you have to wait for 15 minutes to sell. But he will haggle with you. And he will offer you 50gp but you give him for 60gp. Then he finally accept your offer at once. You finally sell him for 400 silk. This is the best way for those poor people in game.