The Sixth Age leaves its future up to its players

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After over a decade of iteration, though, RuneScape 3 sees Jagex deliberately upsetting the balance. The protective wards surrounding the realm vanish, allowing gods of varying malevolence to swoop in and claim Gielinor’s regions as their own. It is against this backdrop that RuneScape’s players are being handed the power to decide the fate of the world around them. They will pick sides and fight on behalf of their deity in World Events, which will be spaced three months apart. And these events will have a dramatic effect on the game world: familiar regions could be turned inside out, depending on which god finally wrests control of them.

The main catalyst behind RuneScape’s growth has been the ubiquity of its web browser host, enabling the game to grow from a hobbyist multiuser dungeon running out of a UK bedroom to a global juggernaut. But while the client opens up the game to a huge audience, it also holds RuneScape back, leaving it unable to keep pace graphically with its peers. And this is why the second of RuneScape 3’s overhauls is a technical one.
Still, RuneScape 3’s most exciting changes are idealistic rather than material. Jagex has aspired to democracy, but it was only when the team implemented sweeping changes to the Wilderness region in 2007 – removing player killing in an attempt to curb traders – that it learned the folly of working against its fanbase instead of alongside it.
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