Runescape News: Treasure Trail Expansion

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 396

Around 50 new clues have been added to the medium and hard Treasure Trails this week with the introduction of some taxing riddles and anagrams. Prepare to have your brain twisted as you decipher some true puzzlers!

We couldn't have spiced up the clues without doing the same to the rewards, so we've brought them up to date this week. You'll get your puzzling mitts on more familiar items such as Construction gear, and new rewards like jewelled canes, animal masks and the top hat.

For a list of additions to the Treasure Trail items, please visit the Knowledge Base here.


Requirements to access the new Treasure Trails clues and rewards:

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A clue scroll is all you need!

Access to:

New medium and hard difficulty anagrams and riddles.
New items, including the black crossbow, black/adamant/rune canes, animal masks and the top hat.