Runescape News: Price changes for new subscribers

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 537

For new subscribers becoming members on or after the 4th August, the monthly cost for a RuneScape subscription will increase 30p in the UK, $0.95 in the US and by similar amounts in other currencies. These are examples of the credit card prices - all other payment types will be increasing by a similar margin. If you are an existing member, or you subscribe before the 4th August, this price change will not affect you, as long as you keep your membership valid.

If you are an existing member and you allow your membership to lapse for more than two weeks (after the 4th of August), you will be charged the new rate when you re-subscribe.

RuneScape subscription costs have not changed since RuneScape memberships started in 2002, over 6 years ago! Inflation and exchange rates mean we are having to adjust our prices slightly.