Runescape 3 MMORPG will be available on some Android devices

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 494

Runescape 3 ,as a popular massively multiplayer role-playing game, has come on 22 July to web browsers. The new technology used will enhance almost every aspect of the game, including the 3D graphics, draw distance, audio and sheer scale. It has lots of fun especially with enough Runescape 3 Gold.
Mobile devices are generally more user-friendly, are always connected, always with you and are linked into your life - a perfect combination for a games platform. PCs and consoles won't be going away any time soon, but they won't be the dominant destination for gaming.

There are some very lightweight connected RPGs and battle games but not something with the scope and depth of Runescape. This is why we’re so excited about what Runescape on mobile devices could become. Not only does it open up a new player base, but it reconnects lapsed gamers because they’ve now got a more convenient way to play their traditional favourites.
We believe Runescape will suit tablet devices well. And Its point-and-click controls will map to the touchscreen nicely.