RuneScape 3 Launches First Quest for New Age

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 556

Publisher Jagex has already released the first new quest content for the RuneScape 3 game,of which runescape gold is the virtual currency. The gods are back in the game, and they are trying to gain the favor of the inhabitants of Gielenor. If you wanted my favor, just toss a few lightning bolts my way, or hit me with a plague and then cure me.

I'd be singing that god's praises real quick. But here, it appears the gods are trying to be a bit more subtle.The Death of Chivalry quest line focuses of hero Sir Owen, who will team up with players to track down and recover a powerful artifact. Of course, it is hidden away in some evil castle, in this case the abode of the nasty Black Knight. If you can grab that powerful piece, you will make the god Saradomin very happy.
As with most quests, Jagex says the loot should be good. You don't need to be any particular level to begin the quest, as it will scale in difficulty depending how much of a badass you already are.