Runescape 3 is Back after facing Black Screen for Some Hours

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 487

Jagex has finally tweaked Runescape 3 enough after a day spent staring at a black screen. But this will not influence your runescape 3 gold amounts.

As fun as Runescape was back in the day, I still can't stand their monetization model. Specifically that, the second you unsubscribe, -everything- you got as a subscriber is gone/unusable.

That is, I can understand no longer being able to use member-only features. I think that not being able to use Member items you acquired while being a member is crap. I think that the disabling of passive Member-only skills like running stamina is absolutely ridiculous.

For me, the greatest appeal was that it was a browser based game. At that time, having a powerful machine was just far too expensive for my means. It also meant that when I was traveling (which was frequently at the time) I could still pop on and play.

I'd imagine that today's audience might be somewhat similar. Individuals who don't have access to machines that can run games like WoW can at least play a fairly cheap and entertaining game.

And that's ignoring the fact that an insane majority of the content is locked off to Members. This isn't a free to play game, this is a pay to play game with a free trial.