Revealed Albion Online Plan: Farming, Siege Camps And Mobs

rs4mil Date: Jan/02/17 11:50:07 Views: 1074

The start of the last phase of beta-testing Albion Online, end of work on the first update to No Man's Sky and the first DLC for Grim Dawn. Studio Wildcard made a decision to end the life ARK: regarding survival of the Fittest, as an independent, free games as well as merge it with the basic ARK: Survival Evolved as one of the modes of play available within a second of these titles. 



Grim Dawn Of The First DLC: Crucible Mode


Studio Crate Entertainment has released the first addition to the issued in February hack'n'slash Grim Dawn, entitled Crucible Mode. DLC offers a fun title mode, where the player is faced with more waves of monsters in four different arenas, and the victory is showered treasures.


No Man's Sky: The First Large Patch Ready 


Studio Hello Games praised that completed work on the first patch for No Man's Sky. We do not know the full list of changes that will put, we do not know when he will apply cleanly game. The developer has provided only that the update will provide a lot of content, features and fixes in the balance of the game.


Albion Online: Started The Final Beta


According to a recent announcement, it began the last phase of beta testing MMORPG Albion Online. To take part in them, you have to buy one of the packages of the founder. Recall that the update originator "final beta" introduces, among others new land and modified systems guild wars and reputation.