Lost Ark, this rich adventure that never ceases to surprise us

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After over 115 hours on the game, my appreciation of Lost Ark has taken a few twirls. The long-awaited Korean MMOARPG has finally been released in Europe and North America, bringing years of hype to life.

Between total immersion and recurring bugs that took me out of my sessions, the world of Archesia has a lot to offer us. But is it all worth it?

Lost Ark, this rich adventure that never ceases to surprise us



Relatively Bland Guests

Unlike many other games in the genre, the quests in Lost Ark are not, at first glance, fascinating. Indeed, I spent a lot of time playing ping-pong between two NPCs or moving a jar 12 meters. Kill 3 or 4 mobs or pick up a medicinal flower. Nothing too fancy either!

The narrative progression is quite disjointed, which does not facilitate immersion in the history of Archesia. I started my experience by following every line of dialogue, both primary and side quests, and then I focused only on the main quests. It must be said that some conversations are long. Then, once several continents and islands were visited, I resumed a total reading of the investigations.

The game gives us a little sense of choice. Some quests lead us to make choices, a bit like The Witcher. Save or not, a bandit who came to attack us and gets caught by a massive worm helps a character or flee discreetly. Unfortunately, these choices do not seem to impact more than the course of the story or even the appreciation of the people around us. I even feel that if you choose the "wrong" choice, the game does a pirouette to return to the "good" choice no matter what. To go back to the example of help or flee, I chose to help the character, and he just scolded me, telling me that we didn't have time for that and that we had to Rather than run away. My free will is offended.

We have an impact on the world, but not in the way we would like. It is very frustrating!



A diverse world filled with original stories

The world of Archesia is full of places, each more different than the next. Other than the continents that stand out, the islands don't have anything alike. For me, it's something very refreshing. The discovery is total with each new mooring! I discovered an island in the shape of a heart, an island filled with sunflowers, or even exploring a glacier threatened by a terrible disease of modern times.

When it comes to continents, diversity is just as present. We go from a technological people in the grip of the technical madness of a protagonist in a desert environment to a people tormented by the return to the life of their dead on an island rich in greenery. It must be said. Our trip was as exotic as possible.

Each place, each island, and each continent has its quests. The continents all have a real problem that emerges as soon as we arrive at the port. The main quests are very engaging. You quickly feel invested with a mission, a need to help the people you meet – but always having the search for the Arks in your sights! It's our little mission.

These missions are welcome between two main quests. They make us discover a little more about the universe of Archesia, especially its sometimes surprising inhabitants. Conversely, we can find NPCs on the islands, offering us much shorter stories.



Quite a lot of content

Lost Ark is filled with little things to do. So we start by throwing ourselves body and soul into leveling, then the phase of finding stuff comes. But above all, the progressive discovery of the latter. They don't throw a whole bunch of information at us in a short time. It's scalable. Thus, we discover the dungeon of chaos, the raids of guardians, the cube, and so on.

Very often, we will have a limit of these activities per day, at least to loot the stuff. For example, you can enter the Chaos Dungeon with Echo Auras. It's not explicit in-game, but I understood that these Aura had an impact on the loot. It is doable as often as you want, but the stuff will fall more quickly on your runs with Aura. This dungeon also introduces us to improving equipment. Indeed, even without Aura, we can always loot some resources to improve our stuff. And if the idea is quite remarkable, we regret that the explanation is not more detailed!

Every day we also have the opportunity to respond to Una's tasks. These allow us to build our reputations which, as they grow, give us access to Lost Ark gold, rewards, new quests, and news stories. It is also in this panel that we have access to the guild missions. It is necessary to evolve this group of itinerant Binoche.

Without forgetting the Procyon compass (just below the mini-map), which tells us the daily activities that are possible for us to do and goes from raiding bosses in the open world to exploring temporary islands in the ocean.



But then, is Lost Ark worth it?

Initially, I had not left to play there. Many preconceived ideas are because I have already given with Korean games, especially on Tera, and that originality is not their strong point. And then I got caught up in the game, in his style. Today the bugs I encountered during my leveling are corrected or in the process of being updated. I was hooked on the universe of Archesia, to the great misfortune of my mates on other games.

As you will have understood, it is not the low quality of the quests or the characters in the story that won me over the most. It's this open-world so varied, this impressive number of little things to do on the islands. And then, of course, the Mokoko seed hunt. I will know it!


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