Lost Ark: The complete guide to making gold for beginners in 2022(F2P)

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Guys, in this post, we will be talking about how to make gold for beginners. I want to discuss the auction house and why it's essential for new players in the lost ark not to be or feel intimidated by using it. All of the how-tos below will essentially be ways to acquire these tradable items that will eventually go onto the auction house for you to sell and make Lost Ark gold. So if you want to go check those out, go ahead and do that. 


Lost Ark: The complete guide to making gold for beginners in 2022(F2P)



You won't have all the knowledge that veteran players or more experienced players will have while putting things onto the market. Still, it doesn't matter too much because supply and demand will always determine the auction house prices for these particular items. At least in this case, and if you're worried about making mistakes while using the auction house. 


It's because you're going to make mistakes, no matter what, so you might as well make them early and then adjust them later on in your gameplay, lastly, I want to note that lost ark does have a few ways to make gold using its in-game systems, but I don't think that is the best way to make gold. Unfortunately, you can use that to accumulate gold and start building a good foundation. 



Chaos Dungeon & Guardian Raid

At least so, let's go over things on the daily that you can do to acquire these tradable items to sell. Cast engines and guardian raids will reset every day at a specific server time. So you can always do those every day. If you haven't already acquired these tradable items to receive tradable loot for chaos engines, you will need the aura of resonance for guardian raids. 


World Event / Procyon's Compass

You can do up to two guardians per day and harvest the guardian souls. Next up are the world events you can do, and you can check those using the prakian's compass. These events have a chance to drop tradable items that you can sell in the auction house. Some of these also drop gold, but you can check that before going to the event. 



Una's Weekly Tasks

of course, to make sure, so moving to things that you can do every week that will reward you gold, Una's weekly tasks will reward you una's tokens that you can trade into the vendor in any major city.


I believe, and you can trade those for chests that give you gold. Do note that the gold gasket has the chance to drop the gold bard, which sells for 10 000 gold, but that's the ring, of course. 



Abyssal Dungeon

Completing abyssal raids and dungeons also rewards gold and a few other things you can sell in the auction house. Accessories dropped from the abyssal raids and dungeons are typical of higher quality. So if you get some with good stats, you can sell those for big cash on the auction house. So if you want to take that chance, that's up to you. 



Lifeskills / Platinum Field

Lastly, I want to talk about some long-term things that you can do and bring in some in-game systems that you can complete to reward yourself.


Some gold life skill materials can be sold on the auction house in bundles while performing life skill activities anywhere outside of your stronghold. You do have a chance to obtain the platinum field ticket as well. 



NPC Rapport

Now, let's go over the lost ark in-game systems that can award you gold acquiring certain ranks with certain NPCs will reward you with gold, and I'll leave that somewhere on the screen here. In my opinion, this is probably not the best way to spend your time in the game, but this is just one more way that you can acquire gold. 




So, throughout your journey in arcadia, you will have a chance to get these collectible items that drop from the mobs. That you defeat, these are tradable and can be put in the auction house.


If you don't want to use them for your adventurous tone. 



Welcome Challenge's

Completion of specific welcome challenges will also reward your gold. Typically, you will complete these as you progress through the game, but you can set out to go. 



Master Piece's

The last thing for the in-game system that I want to go over is the masterpieces. These are acquired through completing various things. In-game and a lot of it is rng obtaining a certain amount of masterpieces will reward. You have some gold, so starting to acquire these early on may be something you might want to work toward. Do these on your own, if you wish. Make sure you guys drop a thumbs up. 




If you found anything helpful in this post and have any questions, leave those in the comments below. If you're a more veteran player listening to this, do help out the community by dropping some tips below. That would help us all, including myself. Thanks for watching the guide. Guys, I'll catch you guys in the next one. Peace you.



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