Bestiary: Path Of Exile Will Kick Off Its Next League Of Challenges

rs4mil Date: Feb/27/18 16:27:04 Views: 607

The next major update of Path of Exile is called Bestiary, with a new Bestiary Challenge League set to introduce over 250 beasts to the world. There's a lot to discover in Path of Exile: Bestiary, with Grinding Gear offering a reminder that Challenge Leagues offer something of a clean slate for newer players looking to jump on for the first time. The Bestiary offers a fresh server for Path of Exile players old and new to get stuck into. 




Look for Bestiary to also toss in new Unique Items, as well as Prophecies. Prophecies task players with defeating certain bosses with certain unique items. In Path of Exile: Bestiary, you pick a combination of captured beasts that make up a recipe that will either boost the powers of an existing item or create a new one. First look at Path of Exile: Bestiary's toughest battle. More related videos and images, click for source



A battle with both the Elder and the Shaper awaits in the center of the Atlas of Worlds. If you think you can handle it, go for it. Path of Exile is a freeplay RPG, they are initially relegated to a hostile continent called Wraeclast and have to fight for survival. After being relegated to the warring continent of Wraeclast, you must use magical skills and artifacts to survive. Naturally, in Path of Exile you can also compete online with friends or other players. 


Path of Exile will kick off its next league of challenges, Bestiary, unlocking a new feature. The Bestiary League, when it comes out, will work just like a new ladder season for the game. In the Bestiary Challenge League coming this March, hunter-scavenger Einhar Frey teaches Path of Exile players to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts in order to craft powerful items. Players are fulled with excitement for buying path of exile currency