About A New video game research

rs4mil Date: Jun/03/14 07:06:29 Views: 633

A research group consisting of members from lots of Australian universities has concluded a review displaying strong positive effects on the well-being of young people in main areas.The review analysed over 200 papers from various research teams across the world and revealed strong patterns that many of the negative myths surrounding video games are, well, exactly that.

As we all know,there are many creative, social and emotional benefits from playing videogames, including violent games.Although ‘excessive’ gamers showed mild increases in problematic behaviors (such as somatic symptoms; anxiety and insomnia; social dysfunction, and general mental health status), it was nongamers who were associated with the poorest mental health correlates.
Emerging research suggests that how young people play,as well as with whom they play, may be more important in terms of well-being than what they play. Feelings of relatedness or flow while playing, and playing with people you know are better predictors of well-being than the genre of game played.
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