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  • Dofus Touch: Miner Level Up Tips And Tricks [01/03/2017]
    Mining is hard but very useful for most crafting professions out there. You can make a great deal of money from ores as long as there isn't much competition in the mines and/or in the market.
  • Albion Online: The Introduction Of New Artifact Weapons [01/01/2017]
    Albion Online, as the first true cross-platform sandbox MMO with a medieval setting as well as sandbox style gameply, it runs on different devices such as IOS, Windows, and Android, which is at the same time and in the same world. It's worth mentioning that Albion Online features the Crafting & Player Driven Economy, building as well as all items are crafted by the players in the game. Players have been striving to buy cheap albion online gold on official websites.
  • Revealed Albion Online Plan: Farming, Siege Camps And Mobs [01/01/2017]
    The start of the last phase of beta-testing Albion Online, end of work on the first update to No Man's Sky and the first DLC for Grim Dawn. Studio Wildcard made a decision to end the life ARK: regarding survival of the Fittest, as an independent, free games as well as merge it with the basic ARK: Survival Evolved as one of the modes of play available within a second of these titles.
  • 2017 Update: Customize Your Pets In Dofus Touch [12/30/2016]
    Players have the opportunity to unlock some pets and montiliers in Dofus Touch. Notably, the pet customization will be available during the first half of 2017 after the release of first test versions Dofus Pets.
  • MapleStory Winter Update - Beyond: Wonder Winter [12/29/2016]
    Nexon Korea (CEO Park Jiwon) announced on the 22nd that it carried out a large-scale winter update "BEYOND: WONDER WINTER" in the popular online game "MapleStory".
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