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  • Runescape News: New Forum - Reporting Academy [06/03/2014]
    Hi everyone, We have released a new Forum in the 'Support' section of the RuneScape Forums. This is called the 'Reporting Academy', and it contains information that will help you when sendin...
  • Runescape News: Behind the Scenes - May [06/03/2014]
    It's not unusual for dwarves to be involved in a spot of industry. In this month's first quest, however, they may take it a bit too far. Nurmof, the pickaxe sales-dwarf in the Dwarven Mines, wi...
  • Runescape News: Send us your Specs! [06/03/2014]
    When planning future projects or attempting to really push the technology of the RuneScape game, we often come across the same problem: we have no information about everyone's computer hardware...
  • Runescape News: Arcanists and Shattered Plans [06/03/2014]
    We have made several changes to FunOrb, the new gaming website from Jagex, makers of RuneScape. The first of these is to Arcanists, which was recently voted 'favourite FunOrb game...
  • Numbers of new players are attracted [06/03/2014]
    All players spend  almost 600,000 hours  on gameplay on average, which is regarded as the equivalent to 68 years of gameplay taking place daily. The  players with collecting resid...
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