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  • Wonderful Runescape 3 [06/03/2014]
    Looking back on Runescape as it was 10 years ago, I guess I can take out three factors contributing to its success: the first one, its convenient place in an Internet Explorer window when several b...
  • The Sixth Age leaves its future up to its players [06/03/2014]
    After over a decade of iteration, though, RuneScape 3 sees Jagex deliberately upsetting the balance. The protective wards surrounding the realm vanish, allowing gods of varying malevolence to swoop...
  • Runescape News: Myreque Part IV - Legacy of Seergaze [06/03/2014]
    The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the citizens of Meiyerditch, while the Saradominist powers of Misthalin seem unable to break Drakan's stranglehold over the dread land of Mory...
  • Runescape 2007 Gold is Available on! [06/03/2014]
    Runescape 2007 Gold is Available on! Jagex had already taken Runescape 2007 back on Feb 22nd since too many players voted. As the request of our customers, we have made the Run...
  • Runescape News: Send us your Specs! [06/03/2014]
    When planning future projects or attempting to really push the technology of the RuneScape game, we often come across the same problem: we have no information about everyone's computer hardware...
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